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Salmon Patty Perfection

Guys!!! These are so freaking goood! I used to make these all time and I totally forgot about them. I was seriously craving salmon after I saw someone's mouthwatering dinner on insta but

1. I didn't have any fresh salmon and

2. I am trying not to go to the store unless I absolutely HAVE to bc well, coronas and

3. I was hangry and I wanted something super simple and quick to make.

I opened my drawer o'cans preparing to eat like canned green beans or something and I'm like OMG DUH!!! SALMON PATTIES!!! Eureka! Sooo, let's make 'em shall we?!

These can get as fancy as you want them or you can really keep them as plain as you want it literally doesn't matter, they'll be delish either way. You can also make a bunch because I had a bunch of stuff already cut up so I will share with you how I made these but all you REALLY need is:

2 6 oz cans of skinless boneless salmon

an egg

about a cup of "bread" crumbs (I used almond meal here)

salt and pepper

Optional things I added:

about a tablespoon or so of green onion

a garlic clove or two

a pinch of old bay

a squirt of mustard

a few springs of parsley

half a lemon juiced

You can really flavor these puppies however you want but the key is to chop it up teeny tiny so it doesn't mess up your patty making.

After you chop everything up... strain the cans of salmon really well.

This is where it gets REALLY tricky ya'll... put ALL the ingredients in a bowl and mix it all up.

YES, that is basically it! Then you make your patties, essentially you're making burgers so if the consistency isn't quite sticky enough just add more "bread crumbs" or almond meal to the mix until it is.

I like to get the pan pretty hot with a combo of ghee or butter and a little coconut oil. Place your patties in there and when they get nice and brown (about 5 minutes or so) flip them over and you're done kids!

It's that easy!!

Add them to salad, make a sammy, eat 'em plane, give em to your Gramma Jane... I don't care what you do with these things they are so dang good, so quick and simple to make I just love 'em!

Don't take my word for it though, make these yourself! Tell me what you put in them and post them with #Simplybcookin!



Follow me on instagram for more on either me being simple or simply being- I'll let you decide :)

Add them to salad, make a sammy, eat 'em plain, give em to your gramma jane... I don't care what you do with these things they are so dang good, so quick and simple to make I just love 'em!

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