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The story behind the page

Thank you for checking out my page about how to live more with less! Seriously, I'm super stoked you're here.  All you have to do is begin. I will share what I've learned so far in hopes of making it all a bit simpler. It's actually rather fun and a bit addicting! I truly believe that doing little things to reduce our waste for a more "sustainable" life makes living easier! The MORE I do, the more I save on time and money PLUS my quality of life increases. (and so does the quality of our EARTH)
From gardening to cooking, to creating a capsule wardrobe, to coming up with fun and creative ideas to reuse and repurpose things, it ALL makes a difference. I've discovered the journey towards less is really a trip to discovering so much more! Don't ever feel like it's not enough or it's too late. Everyone's journey starts somewhere, I'm just hoping you'll join me on mine.




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