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Zero Cooks! My Asian Rainbow "Stir-fry" UNrecipe

Are you tired of rigid recipes and ingredients you don't have? Welcome to the world of unrecipe cooking, where creativity reigns, and you can swap ingredients freely. This approach to cooking is about having fun, being resourceful, and making delicious meals with what you have on hand.

The Unrecipe Philosophy

The concept of an unrecipe is simple: no strict measurements, no specific ingredients, and plenty of room for improvisation. The idea is to use what you have and make it work. It's a more relaxed, enjoyable way to cook that encourages experimentation and reduces food waste. So, use what you've got! If a "recipe" calls for purple cabbage but you want to use noodles GO for it! This in terms of the function, flavor, or feel of the suggestion and get creative. Says shrimp, you want tofo- do it! The goal is to create delicious meals with what’s available, minimizing trips to the store and making the most of your pantry and fridge staples.

Asian Rainbow "Stir Fry" with Shrimp

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Suggested Ingredients:

- Purple cabbage (thinly sliced, about quarter head per person)

- Carrots (peeled into ribbons or finely chopped)

- Avocado (sliced or cubed)

- Shrimp (deveined, cooked, tail-off, frozen)

- Green onion (chopped for garnish)

- Coconut aminos or soy sauce

- Fresh garlic (grated) or garlic powder

- Fresh ginger (grated) or ginger powder

- Lemon or lime juice

- Salt and pepper

- Everything bagel seasoning

- Cumin

- Chili powder

- Sriracha

Optional additions:

- Jalepeno


- Mushrooms

- Peas or edamame

- Jalapeno

- Cilantro

Suggested Instructions:

1. Defrost the Shrimp while you chop. If your shrimp are frozen, place them in warm water to defrost.

2. Prepare the Cabbage and Carrots: Thinly slice the purple cabbage and peel the carrots into ribbons or finely chop them.

3. Slice the Avocado: Cut the avocado in half, remove the pit, and either slice it thinly or cube it.

4. Mix the Sauce: Combine coconut aminos or soy sauce with grated garlic and ginger. Add cumin and mix well.

5. Assemble the Bowl:Arrange the cabbage, carrots, avocado, and defrosted shrimp in a bowl.

6. Add the Sauce: Pour the prepared sauce over the top.

7. Season:Sprinkle everything bagel seasoning, chili powder, over the bowl. I like to add a pinch of celtic salt to my avocado (always) Add sriracha for a spicy kick.

8. Garnish:Finish with green onion and any other optional additions like jalapeno or cilantro.

Cooking Option:

If you prefer a warm dish, heat a pan with a little olive oil and sear the red cabbage before adding the rest of the ingredients to the pan to heat it all up. This will give a different texture and flavor profile to your meal.

Final Thoughts

Unrecipe cooking is all about flexibility, creativity, and fun. By embracing the simple swap, you can make delicious meals with what you have, reducing waste and enhancing your culinary skills. Give this shrimp and veggie bowl a try, and feel free to make it your own with any ingredients you have on hand.

Don’t forget to share your creations on Instagram and tag me at Enjoy your cooking adventures!


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Thank you for reading! If you try the recipe or have any tips and suggestions, leave a comment or reach out on Instagram. We simply b cookin' ya'll!

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