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Simply Stylish: Sustainable Fashion Pt. 3

This is part three of our Sustainable Fashion Series.

After exposing the fashion industry and then decluttering our closets to make room for what we love, we are ready to create stylish outfits using what we already have in our closets and see what pieces can fill in the gaps to bring our wardrobe and our personal style to life.

Tune in to the podcast or watch the episode on YouTube.

Join me and special guest, Costume Designer, and owner of Chunky Possum, Erin LaRoche. Shop her collection on Etsy! Check out her portfolio.

First of all, get this book, "The Way She Wears it" by Dallas Shaw! It's a must-read. Dallas will challenge you and teach you everything you need to know dress with your authentic style. From shopping, to organizing your closet, mixing patterns and textures, accessorizing and even makeup and hair- this book has it all! There are pictures, her fashion illustrations, it's just SO GOOD!

For more on why all of this matters and the impact fashion has on the environment check out these documentaries.

Here is my checklist of essentials:

  • ·      Everyday jeans (mine are distressed)

  • Mom Jeans

  • High-wasted, button-fly flares

  • ·      Basic white t-shirt-

  • ·      Black long-sleeve

  • ·      White long-sleeve

  • Striped long-sleeve

  • ·      Black oversized thermal

  • ·      Wide leg trousers

  • ·      Oversized blazer

  • ·      Maxi skirt

  • Short skirt

  • ·      Black leggings with a pocket

  • ·   Oversized plaid shirt

  • ·      Sweatshirts

    • Over-sized Sweatshirts

·     Sweaters

  • Boxy

  • Oversized

Turtle neck

  • Fitted

  • Over-sized


  • Brown Chunky boots

  • Black Chunky boots

  • Cowboy boots

  • White Sneakers

  • Running Sneakers

  • Nude block heels

  • Black Stilettos


  • Leather jacket

  • ·      Jean jacket

  • Statement Coat Long

  • Cozy Sherpa

  • Cream "varsity" jacket


  • Baseball cap- mindfully purchased

  • ·    Beanie- handmade

    • Wide Brim


  • ·      Black crossbody

  • Black “fanny”

  • Little bookbag

  • Brown suede clutch

Unexpected Pairings

o  leather and plaid (gingham)

o  leather and lace

o  silk and cable knit

o  pattern on pattern

o  black and navy

o  monochromatic

o  fair isle and bling

o  graphic ts a statement necklace with a blazer or pencil skirt

o  sneakers and dresses

o  blazer and sneakers

o  trousers and sneakers

o  sequins and jeans

o  mix prints: match colors, not patterns / and opposite sizes (use sandwich method)

o  accessories change the whole outfit

o  shoes/ bag/ jewelry/ hair/ hat/ makeup (red lip)


Joke of the week:


Why can’t fashion designers play Uno? Because they always draw a cardigan.


Fashion Quotes

1.    People will stare. Make it worth their while.”

2.    “Life is short, make every outfit count.”

3.    “Fashion is what you buy, style is what you do with it.”

4.    “Clothes aren’t going to change the world, the women who wear them will.”  


 Beer of the week: The Big Churro stout by service brewing company

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