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7 Simple Steps to Throwing a Sustainable Party

Photos from TERI CAMPUS OF LIFE SPRING EVENT INDUSTRY LUNCHEON, a sustainable event I consulted for

Are you ready to host a party, or gathering that's not only fun but also eco-friendly? With the days longer and the weather warming up - it's the perfect time to plan your next gathering with sustainability in mind. Follow these 7 simple steps to throw a sustainable party that will leave your guests impressed, and the planet grateful.

I call it: more fun, less waste. Because throwing a party whilst trashing the Earth is never entertaining. Plus, I don't know about you but pictures (nor memories) full of plastic are never the aesthetic I'm going for.

Before diving into the nitty-gritty of planning a sustainable bash, let's address why it's crucial to adopt a more eco-conscious approach to our celebrations.

The Simple Truth

  • A staggering 300 million tons of plastic are produced annually worldwide.

  • Half of that is for single-use items alone.

  • Only 9% of plastic is recycled Contributing to this throwaway culture is a huge part of why landfills are overflowing and oceans are becoming full of plastic, never mind the animals (and humans) eating it all. It's high time we re-think our party habits to curb this environmental crisis and go back to life before plastic. I call them simpler times.

Throw a (sustainable) party that will leave your guests impressed and the planet grateful.

With 7 simple steps:

1. Plan: Start by crafting a detailed plan for your event. Consider your guest list, theme, and venue to ensure everything runs smoothly. Opt for seasonal decorations and locally sourced flowers (that are in bloom!) Knowing who is coming, how many, and where they are coming from will help you with further decisions. (My podcast goes into this a bit more)

2. Invitations: Go digital with the invites or opt for eco-friendly options like seed paper or recycled materials. Skip the glitter and glossy finishes, as they're often made of non-biodegradable plastics. I can help you design your own too! Try Evite.

3. Decorations: Get creative! With sustainable decor ...use fabrics, (tablecloths, pillow shams, cloth napkins) flowers, upcycled and foraged items. Rent or repurpose decorations to minimize waste. Be sure to stear clear of balloons and glitter, which pose animal and environmental hazards. If opt to purchase decorations, save them to reuse, sell them, give them to a friend afterward, donate them, or give them away on Buy Nothing.

4. Skip Single-Use Items: Say no to disposable plastics, paper napkins, and DEFINITELY no styrofoam, here's why. Invest, thrift, borrow, or rent reusable alternatives like real cups, cloth napkins, and metal utensils.

PRO TIP for easy cleanup: Place a bin of soapy water with a marked sign for people to toss their dirty dishes in for easy clean-up- just like at your favorite coffee shop! (could be an extra garbage can, a cooler, a storage bin or anything that can hold water)

  • After the party you can just hose them off and rinse!

  • Thrift tablecloths, napkins, cups, plates, utensils and keep a "party stash" on hand just for this. If you have some plastic one's already on hand you could even use those and re-use them.

  • If you don't want to this either, send me a message! I offer set/up and cleanup as a service.

5. Food Tips: Mark all food offerings to help prevent people from wasting things they don't like and to avoid allergic reactions. Make finger foods to eliminate the need for utensils at all- Look ma no fork! Try some plant-based options for extra eco-friendly points. Your vegan and vegetarian pals will be grateful, plus it's always fun to try new things.

6. Water Station: Set up a water station with 5 gallon water jugs and pumps like this. Provide reusable drinkware to avoid plastic bottles. Encourage guests to bring their own water bottles for refills. Here's a tiktok of me showing you how to put the pump together.

7. Proper Receptacles with Signage: Provide designated bins for trash, recycling, compost, and reusable items, clearly labeled to guide guests in proper disposal. If your recycling is full of trash and vise versa - it's all going to the landfill.

Remember, setting the tone for sustainability starts with you. Communicate your eco-friendly intentions to guests beforehand and lead by example.

Small changes in our party habits can collectively make a significant difference in reducing environmental impact.

Which brings us to your simple swap of the week: DIY Mess Kits!

I keep one in the car, in my purse, and at the office to avoid single-use plastics when dining on the go.

  • fork

  • knife

  • spoon

  • straw

  • cloth napkin

  • chopsticks (oh u fancy!)

Remember anything is better than nothing!

Do what you can and you can improve with each gathering.

Need Help? CALL ME!

I have decided to make throwing sustainable parties my full-time job so drop me a message! Check out my website.

Help me spread the word about sustainable partying and share this blog and podcast with your friends. Let's make every gathering a celebration of fun and environmental responsibility.

Stay simple, stay green, and let's party!

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