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Delicious Breakfast "Hash"

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

You're on quarantine, I'm on quarantine, we're all on quarantine. We've been cooking and cleaning it up and cooking again and cleaning it up and it. is. getting. old.

You wanna order out (I encourage you to do this to support local eateries, please!) but at the moment you've got all these leftovers you don't want to go bad butttt did I mention the cooking and the cleaning is getting a little old? I get it. I feel you...


Ok, so admitedly this sounds well, unappetizing. I swear it's totally not but it IS just how it sounds. A "hash" is by definition, giving leftovers a new life by cutting them up into small pieces, and putting them all together, usually with a base of meat, potatoes, and onions.

It comes from the French word, hacher, meaning to chop.

So, you get the jist here. Basically 100% MY kind of home-cooking. No rules, nothing goes bad and we're on our way to a culinary adventure, I like to call- use what you've got!

This particular hash (pictured above) was made from scalloped potatoes I made from Easter. The one I'll be making in this blog post is mostly made of carrots due to the fact that I had tons leftover from my Paleo Pad See Ew I made last week, (blog coming soon) plus a bunch of other things I had in the fridge that I needed to cook.

But, enough chatter, let's "hash"this out! (Sorry, couldn't resist!)

Ok, step 1 people- OPEN YOUR FRIDGE (and your pantry/wherever you keep your produce) AND TAKE OUT EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO COOK before you have to toss it! Seriously, nothing goes bad round these parts and you shouldn't let them go bad in your neck of the woods either! Just eat it! ;)

step 2 - look at what you've got! Figure out what is going to cook the slowest and what flavors compliment each other and then my personal favorite tip: how many colors can you add? I literally will use something just because I NEED at least 3 colors of the rainbow every. single. time I cook. Why? Because presentation matters people! If it doesn't look good you aren't going to want to eat it. Eating is supposed to be a field trip for your senses! So quit being stuck in your kitchen and let's go somewhere!

step 3 - Chop that stuff up! Yup. All of it. Just dice it up, all about the same size. Think homefries sized? (homefry size?- whatever, you know what I mean) So, roughly chop it all up.

step 4 - start heating up the pan. Put it on medium-lowish and throw a good fat in there. I'm using the geletin from the ham I cooked for Easter. Mmmm mmmm!

step 5 - while you're waiting for the pan to heat up, figure out what spices you want to throw in. Garlic, rosemary, always salt and pepper, always. (Hint: If it's fresh you can a pinch some in to add now and then garnish with a pinch more later)

step 6 - When the pan is warm add whatever is going to take the longest to cook. Potatoes and onions likely go here.

step 6- Keep adding whatever ingredients you've chopped that will take the longest to cook and keep adding until everything is all heated up and melted in. So if you're adding greens (Kale in this case, that would be last) You want all the flavors to combine here but you don't want it to get too mushy. You can continue to add whatever fat you're using in the pan if you need to. You want to keep all the flavor from cooking in the dish, not on the bottom of the pan.

Starting to smell that? mmhhmmm that's ADVENTURE baby!

step 7 - I like to add an egg. I'll either crack it on top and put a lid on it for sunny side up. Or, you can crack it in and mix it up for a lil scrambled hash. If you're feeling fancy, you could even do a soft boiled egg!

Step 8 - Plate it up with some more left over meat, or make some new. Maybe add it to a fresh salad or a fruit salad and garnish! Now you're leftovers are a breath of fresh in their brand new i-can't-believe-this-was-pizza-5-minutes-ago state! Just kidding, just kidding but seriously, it's a whole new dish! Looks like, smells like and tastes like something totally new and I am willing to bet, it is sooo good!

Again, I'm not too keen on "recipes" but here's how I'm making mine today on Facebook Live at 8pm on my "Cook with Brooke Show" (insert air quotes)


  • carrots

  • onions

  • potatoes

  • chives

  • jalapeño

  • ham

  • beets

  • kale

  • tomatoes


  • salt and pepper

  • paprika

  • cilantro


  • cilantro

  • jalapeno

  • sriracha

  • avocado

Below is the Facebook Live, (Episode 3) on how to make Delicious Breakfast Hash!



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